Open Source

Below, find a list of open source projects I’ve either started or participated in.

PHP QR Code Generator (PHP)

This project generates QR codes using PHP. It’s not finished yet (feel free to participate!) but it does generate version 1 QR codes!

9 Patch Images for the Web (Javascript) [Demo]

This project allows you to use .9.png or .9.gif files on web pages. These files allow for rapid development of webpages with complex styles without having to use complex CSS3.  Works on all major browsers and IE9.

Dynamic Stylesheets (C)

An apache module for dynamic stylesheets.  Set up apache to run a particular extension through the Dynamic Stylesheets module and those files can then make use of variables.

MySQL Apache Authentication Module (C)

Originally mod_authnz_external, this project uses a MySQL C library for apache authentication using a MySQL database. I used this for a custom Git repository that used MySQL to determine authentication and access control.

Pie.JS (Javascript) [Video]

Pie.js will be an all inclusive rapid development MVC framework. Building single page javascript apps will be easy as pie.


About the Author

  • Chris LondonSenior Web ArchitectPartners In Leadership

    I've always worked as an innovative programmer. My insights and creative thinking result in superior products and customer satisfaction. Working full time as a senior web architect I've used lots of exciting technologies (i.e., Ember, Backbone, Handlebars, etc) and developed a lot of exciting sites. In my spare time I hope to develop even more exciting and new technologies. I've been programming professionally for 9 years in everything from desktop applications to web applications to mobile applications.