Yii2: Manually Loading a Model

I’ve set up my site where I have submodels depending on the the type specified in the row. So let’s say I’ve got a table called `animal` and each row has a `type` column where it could be dog, cat,

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Yii 2: Return Errors for Unsafe Attributes

In Yii 2 your models can have safe and unsafe attributes for example: class User extends Model {   public $name;   public $passwordHash;   public function rules()   {     return [       [[‘name’], ‘safe’]     ];   } } In the above example $name is safe

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Appropriate RESTful Handling of Password Reset and Email Verification

I really like consistency and patterns. I may be a little OCD but I think following patterns makes code easier to develop and maintain. I also like to have a good pattern to follow when creating APIs. Have you ever

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Intro to Refactoring

A lot of time I hear people using the terms refactoring and optimizing synonymously. I personally don’t see it that way. In fact, to me, sometimes refactoring makes code less optimized! It reminds me of OOP and how putting code

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Assuming you already know about the different HTTP Methods you may agree with me that GET was the most appropriate method to use for logging in because a person was trying to GET their user information. The problem with that

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Intro to RESTful HTTP

REST is a set of principle and practices used for organizing interactions between different systems. While REST is much more detailed than I can go into in this little post I hope to provide a simple pragmatic approach to using

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How to Hire a Good Developer

This post doesn’t try to explain the difference between a junior developer and a senior developer. The main focus is to share traits that I think are good for any software developer in any language/field. Here are the top traits

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3 Things NOT To Do In A Job Posting


1) Not posting salary range It can be very tempting in job postings to not specify a salary range. A job poster wants to be flexible and see what kind of candidates are out there but there are a lot

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Throttling vs Debouncing


In computer software there are times when code can make lots of requests. Sometimes this is ok but a lot of times this puts an unnecessary strain on the server. Two methods of rate limiting are Throttling and Debouncing. They

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Which Web Programming Language To Learn


Trying to figure out the best web programming language to learn is challenging to say the least but I believe there are some key points to look at that can help your decision. There are basically 3 types of programming

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